Barbecue party for Rubyists (and not for them only)

Welcome to website about a new event for Ruby programmers and everybody interested in joining them for a barbecue. There were three events during the barbecue season 2017, but we're bold enough to plan one more before this year is over. Therefore let us invite you to our WINTER SPECIAL, taking place in Prague on 15th of December!

5. 7. 2017 Rails Grills 1.0rc

5th July 2017, 3pm
Praha — Stromovka: 50°06'37.5"N 14°25'03.8"E
grill, beer, discussion about anything interesting for us.

The first Rails Grills event will take place in Stromovka before a regular CSRUG meetup.In the evening we'll join the rest of Prague Rubyists in Fraktal,where the monthly meetups take place.

Watch FB group  Rubysti (CSRUG).

25. 8. 2017 Rails Grills 1.0

25th August 2017, 2pm - 7pm
Prague 3, Nakladove nadrazi Zizkov (an old rail station – yup! we´re grilling straight on Rails!)


barbecue, discussions, food and drinks during whole event
2 - 7pm

2:30pm Lukáš Pokorný: Rails + DevOps = ♥ (CZ)
3pm Merve Taner: One screen, one keyboard,
two programmers...and action! (EN)
4:30pm Jan Strnádek: Basic structures in Ruby are
not enough for us! (EN)
5pm Balazs Kutil - Using Hacking as a Service (EN)
5:30pm end of the competition and the
official part of program

How to attend:  Registration closed. The event is free to attend.


29. 9. 2017 Rails Grills 1.1 Ostrava

15. 12. 2017 Rails Grills 1.2 Prague

15th December 2017, 4-10pm
Railway station Praha - Bubny, Klasick Wheels, Bubenska 942/8, Prague 7
barbecue, discussions, food and drinks during whole event 
4pm beginning of the event
4:30pm Josef Liska: simple royalty free geocoding API in Rails
5pm Jan Strnadek: N-dimensional cubes for finantional and time series data in Ruby
5:30pm Daniel Veleba: Microservices and nesting
6pm diskuse: Performance Ruby on Rails
6:30pm main barbecue session
8pm concert of a ruby band "Rovnak na vohejbak"
(until we "boo" them)

How to attend:  Registration This event is free to attend.




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