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Welcome to website about a new event for Ruby programmers and everybody interested in joining them for a barbecue.

You're welcome to join us!

  • 1st December 2021
    Rails Grills 4.0.pre - Online
    Date: 1st December 2021 Time: 6pm, till ~ 10pm
    Place: online (Zoom)

    The end of the year is approaching, and so is this year’s last Ruby MeetUp!

    As the situation is currently unstable, we would not dare to gather you all at one place in-person. However, we would still love to see you all, and that is why we would like to invite you to the online meetup with 3 talks and a chance to talk to other ruby devs either in group or one-on-one, same as if you would have met at the bar for a drink. :)

    Moreover, we will send a box of "Halfling" beers from Pivo do Domu, to first 20 attendees registered until 23rd November, so you have a few drinks to process all the information. We will contact every "winner" at the email address they filled while registering and ask them for Czech delivery address and phone number.


    18:00 - 18:30 connection testing and gathering
    18:30 - 19:00 foreword, organizational information, and speed networking and/or group chat – whichever you prefer
    19:00 - 20:30 talks from our speakers
    20:30 - 21:00 speed networking, round two, and/or group chat – whichever you prefer
    20:30 - ??? free entertainment and chat with Ruby devs

    Speakers & Topics:

    John Hager

    Name: “Ruby no Rails: Building Web Applications in Ruby without a Framework”

    Language: English

    Abstract: Many people are first introduced to Ruby via it’s most popular web application framework, Rails. Fewer people, however, consider building a web application in Ruby without a framework. In this talk, I will explore some of the reasons I started building Ruby web applications without a framework and what I have learned along the way.

    Ramón Huidobro

    Name: New dev, old codebase: A series of mentorship stories

    Language: English

    Description: Mentorship in software development carries a lot of responsibility, but plays an integral part in making tech communities, as well as individuals, thrive. In this talk, we’ll go over some of my mentorship experiences, adopting techniques and learning to teach, so we can teach to learn. Anyone can be a great mentor!

    Team Fakturoid s.r.o.

    Name: Case Study Turbolinks

    Language: Czech

    Anotace: Jak nám Turbo/Hotwire umožňují dosáhnout uživatelského zážitku single-page aplikace při zachování tradičního Ruby on Rails přístupu k backendu a frontendu, a následné použití v kombinaci s nativní obálkou pro vytvoření a mnohem levnější údržbu/rozvoj nativních (hybridních) mobilních aplikací

    Main sponsor: Showmax
    Organized by: Timepress, Virtualmaster

    Code of Conduct: In order for you to feel good with us, we enclose the CoC of the London Ruby Community, with whom we identify.

    Contact person:
    Andrea Skřehotová –
    Eva Tesaříková –

    We are looking forward to seeing you.

    By signing up to join the online event, you agree to Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy. The postal address and phone number are not required to attend the online event.  When you register and enter the postal address and phone number, you  agree that the organiser uses them only for the sake of beer delivery to the first 20 registered users.  The organiser will delete these data right after the online event. The delivery will be made through the Pivo do domu company and we will share the address and phone number with them.

  • 23rd Aug 2019
    Rails Grills 3.1 - Prague
    Date: 23rd Aug 2019 Time: about 4pm, till ~ 9pm
    Place: Kasárna Karlín


    4:30pm - 5:30pm - registration, some refreshments
    5:30pm - 6:30pm - první blok přednášek
    6:30pm - 7:30pm - grilovací pauza
    7:30pm - 8:30pm - druhý blok přednášek a vyhlášení soutěže
    8:30pm - 10:00pm - volná zábava, debatování s dalšími Rubysty

    Watch FB Rubysti (CSRUG),
    so you will not miss any new information.

    How to attend:   Registration

    We look forward to you

  • 1st May 2019
    Rails Grills 3.1rc - Prague
    Date: 1st May 2019 Time: about 3pm, till ~ 7pm
    Place: Stromovka, Praha, Grill Bod 1


    This year’s spring version is going to happen on the First of May, The Lovers’ day or the Labor Day (depends on what you’d like more. 🤔) We are starting the session with an unformal Rubyist meetup at Stromovka, this time without any lectures, just snacks, drinks and felllow programmmers.

    After the outdoor meetup we are going to continue to Fraktal as usual, or if the weather is nice, we will stay outside. Depends on everybody’s mood.

    Watch FB Rubysti (CSRUG),
    so you will not miss any new information.

    How to attend:   Registration

    We look forward to you

  • 25th January 2019
    Winter special Prague
    Date: 25th January 2019, 4:30pm - 11:59pm
    Place: Kasárna Karlín, Prvního pluku 20/2, 186 00 Praha 8-Karlín


    4:30pm – 5:30pm - registration, small refreshments
    5:30pm – 6:30pm - first block of talks
    6:30pm – 7:30pm - main barbecue session
    7:30pm – 8:30pm - second block of talks
    8:30pm – 10:00pm - ruby ​​jamm session (yes, there will be music), free program and debates with other Rubysty

    Watch FB Rubysti (CSRUG),
    so you will not miss any new information.

    How to attend:   Registration
    This event is free to attend if you register until 22nd of January, 23:59.
    After that, there is a 100 CZK fee to cover extra expenses coming up with people attending the event without letting us know in advance.

    We look forward to you

  • 14th September 2018
    Rails Grills 2.0 Prague
    Date: 14th September 2018, 5-10pm
    Place: Jack Daniels Musician Factory Studio, Tusarova 31, 170 00 Praha 7


    barbecue, discussions, food and drinks during whole event

    5pm - Registration, some refreshments
    5:45pm - Jiří Kubíček (CSRUG): CSRUG and Prague Ruby community – introduction and debate
    6pm - Dominik Snopek/Radek Forgač (Applifting): First project in Ruby on Rails – a story of two developers
    6:30pm – 7:30pm - Main barbecue session
    7:30pm - Jan Strnádek (eMan): From Ruby on Rails to React and back again
    8pm - Petr Kubeš (Applifting): Neural networks
    10pm - official end of the event, maybe a pub

    Sledujte FB skupinu Rubysti (CSRUG), aby vám neunikla žádná nová informace.

    How to attend:   Registration
    This event is free to attend.

    Organizátoři akce:


  • 6. 6. 2018 Rails Grills 2.0rc Prague
    Date: 6th June 2018, 3-6pm
    Place: Stromovka, Praha 7, 170 00


    barbecue, discussions, food and drinks during whole event

    How to attend:   Registrace
    This event is free to attend.

  • 15. 12. 2017 Rails Grills 1.2 Praha
    Date: 15th December 2017, 4-10pm
    Place: Railway station Praha - Bubny, Klasick Wheels, Bubenska 942/8, Prague 7


    barbecue, discussions, food and drinks during whole event
    4pm beginning of the event
    4:30pm Josef Liska: simple royalty free geocoding API in Rails
    5pm Jan Strnadek: N-dimensional cubes for finantional and time series data in Ruby
    5:30pm Daniel Veleba: Microservices and nesting
    6pm diskuse: Performance Ruby on Rails
    6:30pm main barbecue session
    8pm concert of a ruby band "Rovnak na vohejbak"
    (until we "boo" them)

    This event is free to attend.

  • 29. 9. 2017 Rails Grills 1.1 Ostrava
    Date: 29th September 2017, 3-8pm
    Place: Zde


    barbecue, discussions, food and drinks during whole event
    3pm - 8pm CEST (UTC +2)
    3:15pm - 3:45pm - Ladislav Martinčík (CZ)
    Ruby on Rails React
    4:15pm - 4:45pm - Michal Šimon (EN)
    DevOps - From programmer to real developer
    17:15 - 17:45 - Josef Liška (EN)
    From bee weight to smart cities
    6:15pm - 6:45pm - Roman Smirak (CZ)
    Leading self, project and team agile.

    How to attend: Registration closed This event is free to attend.

  • 25. 8. 2017 Rails Grills 1.0
    Datum konání: 25th August 2017, 2pm - 7pm
    Místo konání: Prague 3, Nakladove nadrazi Zizkov (an old rail station – yup! we´re grilling straight on Rails!)


    barbecue, discussions, food and drinks during whole event
    2 - 7pm

    2:30pm Lukáš Pokorný: Rails + DevOps = ♥ (CZ)
    3pm Merve Taner: One screen, one keyboard,
    two programmers...and action! (EN)
    4:30pm Jan Strnádek: Basic structures in Ruby are
    not enough for us! (EN)
    5pm Balazs Kutil - Using Hacking as a Service (EN)
    5:30pm end of the competition and the
    official part of program

    How to attend:   Registration closed. The event is free to attend.

  • 5. 7. 2017 Rails Grills 1.0rc
    Date: 5th July 2017, 3pm
    Place: Praha — Stromovka: 50°06'37.5"N 14°25'03.8"E


    grill, beer, discussion about anything interesting for us.

    The first Rails Grills event will take place in Stromovka before a regular CSRUG meetup. In the evening we'll join the rest of Prague Rubyists in Fraktal, where the monthly meetups take place.
    Watch FB group   Rubysti (CSRUG).